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Atm, we still build with and depend on aidacc and sfidl.
Use of sfidl should be finally phased out, aidacc should be simplified to just help with:

  • interfaces, methods, enums, property accessors.
  • meta data on properties and enum values.
  • event delivery.
  • support for an Any/Variant type for dynamic Event contents and a dynamic property interface
  • glue for method calls and event delivery between threads
  • glue for C++ Iface objects on the one hand and Javascript Handle objects.

In particular not in current focus for aidacc should be:

  • portability beyond Beast
  • inter-process communication, using it across thread boundaries is good enough for our uses
  • sophisticated marshalling into serializable buffers, instead, packing arguments into lambdas or similar idioms is sufficient for crossing thread boundaries.

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