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releasing 1.16

Stefan Sauer-4

current git has quite a list of bugfixes already. I am still working on finally
fixing the long standing srcdir != builddir issue (bug 127049), but I am not
done with it yet. It is probably better to make a release now and push the fix
for srcdir != builddir afterwards for 1.17.

Please test the current git version and let me know if there are regressions.


List of fixes:
 o 625776 : serialise doubles and floats always with a decimal dot
 o 627269 : link to signalflags docs from signal descriptions
 o 467488 : GTK+ man pages request
 o 481811 : Inline function bodies are confused with declarations
 o 501107 : EXTRA_DIST automake warnings
 o 512565 : add GTK_DOC_IGNORE
 o 518427 : documentation best pratices needed
 o 597937 : Function pointers as parameters to other functions are parsed improperly
 o 612028 : gtkdoc-fixxref should call /usr/bin/vim -n -e -u NONE -T xterm
 o 617478 : Tooltip is a nuisance
 o 620249 : invalid xml for object_index with (n_objects % 3) == 0
 o 621931 : support GType and GVariant types
 o 622971 : List of typos in the GTK-doc manual
 o 623777 : G_TYPE_STRV in signals generate wrong docs
 o 624199 : parser picks up contents of large macros
 o 624200 : 'const' confuses the parser
 o 627223 : gtkdoc-fixxref vim highlight fails on xhtml suffix
 o 627920 : `make check` rule to list xml files missing from DOC_MAIN_SGML_FILE
 o 628611 : gtk-doc > = 1.13 creates automagic dependencies on syntax
 o 628794 : Issue in
 o 630288 : Fix 'scope notified' annotation

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