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Jake Cobb

Modified description to reflect the fact GtkLabel's have some alignment
and padding control on their own. Let me know if this isn't the right
way to submit changes.

-Jake Cobb

--- gtklabel.orig.xml   2007-12-01 17:06:23.000000000 -0500
+++ gtklabel.xml        2007-12-01 17:19:18.000000000 -0500
@@ -18,10 +18,14 @@
     You can have control over the way a GtkLabel will be displayed with
     some methods such as <function class="GtkLabel">set_justify</function>
-    or <function class="GtkLabel">set_width_chars</function>. If you
wish to
-    define an alignment (note that align and justify are not the same
-    or padding for a GtkLabel, you can insert it into a
-    <classname>GtkAlignment</classname> container.
+    or <function class="GtkLabel">set_width_chars</function>. As a subclass
+        of <classname>GtkMisc</classname>, you may specify alignment
and padding
+        with <function class="GtkMisc">set_alignment</function> and
+        <function class="GtkMisc">set_padding</function>.  However,
+        <function class="GtkMisc">set_padding</function> only supports
+        padding for the right/left and top/bottom pairs.  If you need
to specify
+        different values for left and right padding, you can insert the
+        into a <classname>GtkAlignment</classname> container.

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