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[gtk+osx] gtk-osx CinePaint 0.21-2 Released

Bugzilla from ku.b@gmx.de
The native version of gtk-osx CinePaint 0.21-2 is released on SourceForge.
0.21-2 is a minor improvement in the 0.21 series. A major improvement for
osX users may be the gtk-osx build with native mac aqua support and
better integration into mac os. Many bug fixes where needed in gtk-osx and
CinePaint to make this happen.

While functionality is not as complete as a X11 build, it will help users,
wich are not familiar with X11 on mac os X.

CinePaint is the popular motion picture deep colour paint and retouching
It features a flipbook, layer and channels handling, HDR creation from
bracketed exposures, support for many file formats liek cineon and
camera raw file and colour management tools like Cmyk/Lab support, 16-bit
printing with Gutenprint and 3D colour visualisation through ICC Examin.

CinePaint developers continue to maintain this legacy architecture until
the future Glasgow architecture is complete (in 2006). For info on



MacCinePaint-0.21-2.nativ.dmg.gz is a compressed disk image, including the
selfcontained CinePaint application and a Gutenprint-5.0.0 package. The
later is recommended to install to obtain printing support in CinePaint.
For usingg the application, double click on the icon in the Finder, drag
to the dock or possibly to the /Applications  folder.

o Drag and Drop on the dock icon is not possible as it was with the
  MacCinePaint for X11 package.
o plug-in core interaction may be slow, resulting in slow file loads
  Please report with information about the used os version and CPU

Included are colour management tools like Gutenprint-5.0.0, DCraw-8.37,
a profile collection and ICC Examin 0.42.

The source releases of ICC Examin will follow later.

Kai-Uwe Behrmann

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