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Chuck Robey
Read the 4th paragraph first, so you'll see that I didn't ignore Gtk
here, then go back, read the rest, and see about answering this all, ok?

Well, this is probably about 2 years out of date, but even so, I could
get a couple of important answers for me.  I'm using Fink to manage (for
me) a good sized suite of X11 + KDE software ... so my balance of X11
versus native displaying software is quite citically important to me.  
Now, don't get me wrong, i live and die with vim (to the point that I'd
accidentally killed off my vi, and simply didn't notice it for 30 days,
as vim was going on with all the real work.

You see, the real point is, i was quite accurately correct, I'm a VIM
head, but not gvim, I never use gvim, ever,  that  seems to be to offer
a possibility.  D'you think it might be possible to get a gvim (and I
mean gvim ONLY) to be aqua powered, so I could run that native?

[4th para]
SEcond (and the reason that it's a Gtkitem) is, could the power behind
that gvim be gtk?  And, all this not interfering with my X11, which is
puttering along in the background, but active at the same time,
nonetheless.  Never gvim on X11, thoiugh, even,

OK, tell me all the items that I need to be worried over, ok?

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