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 i have a pbm, using fileslection widget i am selecting the file and i
would like to append the same to the clist_widget.

create_window_new2  is the window name, clist_sst_file_sel is the name
of the clist.

sst_file_sel = create_window_new2 ();
clist_file_sel = lookup_widget (sst_file_sel, "clist_file_sel");

    data[0] = "Hello";
    data[1] = "World";
    gtk_clist_append (GTK_CLIST (clist_file_sel), data);
    data[0] = "Second";
    data[1] = "Row";
    gtk_clist_append (GTK_CLIST (clist_file_sel), data);

message = (gchararray *) gtk_file_selection_get_filename        

op = (GtkFileSelection *)gtk_file_selection_get_filename

g_print ("%s\n", op);

-> //gtk_widget_show (sst_file_sel);

     now using this i am trying to append the text to the clist widget.
the appended text is visible only when if i gave the gtk_widget_show
(sst_file_sel); but using this another window is popping up. i need in
the same window it has to be appended. how can i get this;



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