[Win32] Building a statically linked Glib-1.324

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[Win32] Building a statically linked Glib-1.324


Since MSYS2 has provided me with static (as well as import) libraries, I was
wondering whether there was a way to build Glib-1.324 against those static

I gave it a try, and the EXTRALIBS entry in the generated Makefile indicates
that only static MSYS2 libraries were used:

"C:\_64\msys64\mingw64\lib\libgthread-2.0.a" .... followed by standard
windows libraries.

I understand that's not the full list of static libs needed for linking to
static libraries, and there were undefined references to libpcre and libffi
But there were also undefined references to dynamic symbols like:

Glib.o:Glib.c:(.text+0x159d): undefined reference to
Glib.o:Glib.c:(.text+0x15d3): undefined reference to
Glib.o:Glib.c:(.text+0x15e1): undefined reference to
Glib.o:Glib.c:(.text+0x161d): undefined reference to
Glib.o:Glib.c:(.text+0x1633): undefined reference to

Is there some symbol I need to define in order build Glib statically linked
to libglib ?

There's a bit of dll hell happening, and I'm curious to see whether static
builds of Glib, Cairo and Pango perl modules might improve things.
Or would that merely replace one kind of hell with another ?


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