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Web and gtk-doc integration

Nicola Fontana-3
Hi all,

I am struggling to get decent integration between web and gtk-doc
documentation for quite a while now and silverstripe-gtkdoc [1] is the
final result.

I wanted to implement the integration on the top of a CMS suitable for
generic website development. Furthermore I needed to get this stuff
working on a typical LAMP platform, possibly on a shared hosting too.
I should add I'm not particularly fond of either SilverStripe and PHP,
but I found them to be the best choices for my use cases.

The demo web site [2] includes gtk-doc reference manuals of GLib and
GObject 2.12.3 and GOffice 0.10.5, the latter being AFAIK a typical
project that lacks a home.

The project should be considered in beta stage, that is I do not plan
to add any new feature but I'm aware there is room for improvements,
especially in the URL mangling and in the performance sides.

Any feedback is welcome.


[1] http://dev.entidi.com/p/silverstripe-gtkdoc/
[2] http://gtkdoc.entidi.com/
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