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Hi marty,

On 24/02/18 11:38, marty moore [hidden email] wrote:
Hi all,
I'm trying to port my gtkmm-2 CAD program to gtkmm-3.
I'm trying to create a dynamic menu which a user can add new views to.
I've seen, run, and adapted the xml based menus in the tutorial, but they
are static. I've been trying to research Gio::MenuModel, but there isn't
any documentation.

Does anyone have an example of a dynamic menu in gtkmm-3? The method I used
in gtkmm-2 has been eliminated/deprecated.

I'd really appreciate your help.

I'm working on a dynamic menu too, but it's in Gtk+ (i'm migrating it to gtkmm):

Here you are a screenshot:

and the instructions about how to build the *.deb packages:

Cheers :)


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