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Roger Duthie
Hi Jim,

A nicely written guide from the perspective of someone who knows next to nothing about GTK3+.

One thing I would say is that you haven't put your authorship or contact details, or licence, on the PDF.  This document could easily disappear into the internet without you getting due credit.

I liked the suggestion of having the sources on GitHub/equiv.; the other suggestions from the group could then be added.

Anyway, thanks for the effort you've put in!  This may come in useful!


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From: Jim Reilly <[hidden email]>
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Subject: Beginners guide
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I have put together a guide to help beginners to get started using
gtk+3.0 in the hope that it might be useful. I do not have a web site
through which I can make it available so I have attached it to this
e-mail so that, if anyone thinks it is worth reading, they can make it
accessible to others.


Jim Reilly.

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