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Mathieu Lacage-2
I won't comment on the patches because they are really big. Most
notably, you included in the patches a bunch of space-related changes
which do not contain any semantic information and large amounts of
mechanic <link> additions for <function> tags which I am not really
interested in reviewing. It would make a lot of sense if you could try
to avoid doing this for the sake of easy review.

Instead, here is a patch to the latest version in CVS I think you should
consider. It fixes mostly typos. I leave you free to commit it or not.

Also, I noticed that you changed the name of a few type names in the
sample code included in the howto part. If you import (you _really_
should do it) the actual real sample code somewhere in the glib/gobject
source code, please, make sure to update it also so as to avoid any
discrepency between the two versions.

thanks for your work,


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