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Re: GTK3 - GtkExpander problem, bug ?

Matthias Clasen-2
On Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 7:58 PM, Sébastien Le Roux <[hidden email]> wrote:
Dear Eric,
thanks for your answer, and yes it is pretty much the same, the differences in my case,
are: I use toggle buttons and I do not use  a grid.

Thanks you for providing me with this nice working example, I played with it to illustrate the
bug because it happens with your code too, check the new 'test.c' file attached !

I simply added a third expander and a third set of buttons, I invite you to compile the code attached,
and play with it you will see, that at same point even it stops to function properly.

To start to have errors you can follow the following sequence:
1) open the first expander
2) open the second
3) open the third
4) close the second
5) starting clicking on the second expander location (without buttons visible) and it starts.

I can only guess that the more expander you use the more messy it will get ... hence the problems
with my program that uses 10.

I can't be too sure since you don't say which version of gtk this is with, exactly, and it doesn't reproduce on my
system (and the example only has 2 expandes, not 3...), but it sounds like you might be seeing a symptom of
which is fixed in current releases of gtk 3.22.

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