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   Why, whats Nathaniel doin here? he asked himself in surprise. He had not known that the boy was even in town, for he had been on the point of leaving to enlist in the navy. Family matters could not have detained him, for he was quite alone in the world, since both his father and his mother were dead and his stepmother had married again. Under his great-uncles gaze the lad opened his eyes with a start and sat up confused. Whats the matter with you, Nat? asked the older man not ungently. He was thinking that probably he had looked like that at sixteen. The boy stared at him a moment, and then, leaning his head on a chair, he began to cry. Sitting thus, crouched together, he looked like a child.
has been always accustomed to  refer  to it as it. When  he even  frames aGerman sentence in his mind, with the hims and hers in the right places, andhen works up his courage to the utterance-point, it is no use -- the moment
he is still in a  difficulty, because he finds it impossible to persuade histongue to  refer to things as he and she, and him and her, which  it

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