Q: selectively disable GAction state?

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Q: selectively disable GAction state?

Albrecht Dreß
Hi all,

in a project I use the following (stripped down) GActionEntry values for building a Gtk menu with radio entries:

static GActionEntry entries[] = {
     {"mode", mode_activated, "s", "'mode_1'", change_cb },
     {"mode", mode_activated, "s", "'mode_2'", change_cb },
     {"mode", mode_activated, "s", "'mode_3'", change_cb } };

By looking up the GAction for "mode", I can completely enable or disable all three radio menu items using g_simple_action_set_enabled().

My question: is it possible to disable only /one/ of the radio items, e.g. "mode_2"?  How?

Thanks in advance,
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