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Professional Replacement for CherryTree

Hello list,

I've been working on a software project, and so far I've been writing
plans, tutorials, language "specifications", notes, etc. in a personal
wiki desktop app called CherryTree.

CherryTree is really easy to work with. It's almost like a hierarchical
Gedit with code boxes and rich text.

The problem is that its Export feature is limited and not
"professional". Code boxes are imported without indentation, etc. I'd
like to use a professional tool which can export better to HTML, and
work with docbook, mallard, etc.

Which tools do you use? For example, if you want to write a tutorial?
CherryTree allows me to do WYSIWYG editing, i.e. not write XML or HTML
source code directly, and then easily export. Which tool do you use for
this purpose?

And how are Gnome tutorials (app manuals, glib/gtk/gtkmm tutorials,
etc.) made?


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