Precarious status of Shutter in Debian

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Precarious status of Shutter in Debian

Dominique Dumont

Debian is moving away from Gnome2::VFS [1] . This obsolete module will be
removed from next release of Debian.

Unfortunately, shutter, a very nice Gtk2 screenshot application,  depends on
Gnome::VFS, which means that shutter will be removed from Debian unless this
dependency is removed from shutter [2].

I guess that the options are:
* port shutter from Gnome2::VFS to GVFS or GIO
* replace Gnome2::VFS with other Perl modules.

Unfortunately, Debian perl team do not have the skills or bandwidth to work on
this port, I hope that someone will be able to help.

If you're interested in taking over maintenance of shutter, please:
- coordinate with upstream shutter team [3] (yes, upstream is on launchpad)
- keep debian-perl team and me posted

All the best

Dod, on behalf of Debian Perl team

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