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New release 0.7 Beta

Bruno P. Gonçalves
New build guys

For more, follow me

Thank you all

General news

   - Deleted c++ classes who represent constants of php. Added this classes
   of Php::Base, to complie faster and reduce final object size
   - Fixed warning of comparison error from GtkClipboard
   - Removed deprecated functions from GtkSourceView, GtkContainer
   - Change tests to support GTK 3.24


   - Added GtkFixed
   - Added GtkListStore::remove
   - Added GtkListStore::insert
   - Added GtkListStore::insert_before
   - Added GtkListStore::insert_after
   - Added GtkListStore::prepend
   - Added GtkListStore::clear
   - Added GtkListStore::iter_is_valid
   - Added GtkListStore::swap
   - Added GtkListStore::move_before
   - Added GtkListStore::move_after

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Bruno Pitteli Gonçalves
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