Migrate a small demo from gtk 3.18 to gtk 3.22

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Migrate a small demo from gtk 3.18 to gtk 3.22

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I am working on some application, where we draw widgets like "RadioButton", "CheckButton" etc. by calling "gtk_render_option", "gtk_render_check" and so forth. Our application works fine on gtk 3.18, but on gtk 3.22, the widgets are not drawn correctly. I have gone through the changes made in theme handling on 3.20 and tried to make some changes in my application, but I am not able to understand what I need to do exactly.


I have created a small demo where I draw "RadioButton" using the gtk_render_option API. This works fine for me in gtk-3.18, but the causes issue in gtk 3.22. I am attaching images and Demo.c for reference. It would be great if someone here can guide me on "How can I make this small demo work on gtk 3.22". I should be able to take care of the rest myself. I can provide any further information required.


Note: I have tried both "radio" and "radiobutton" in gtk_style_context_add_class API. Both don't work for me.






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