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Let Apport ignore unit tests

Tim Janik-6
Hi Martin,

I'm developing software packages under Ubuntu, and some are low-level enough
that I need to test assert_fail() / fatal_error() etc implementations.
These functions purposefully end in abort(), so I'm writing unit tests like:

./misctests --assert_return0 || die Testing --assert_return0 failed

However each time my unit test suite is executed, I and other developers on
the project get Apport crash dialogs, even with ulimit -c 0.

Is there a way to disable Apport via e.g. an environment variable in the env of
the unit test? Since we're talking about unit tests here, the executables can
reside in arbitrary directories (/usr/src/project or ~/project/).
And we may not have root privileges during build or execution time, so
installing /etc/apport hooks is also out of the question.

I.e. we're looking for a way to disable Apport for an arbitrary executable with
a non-root setting local to the executable, like an environment variable.

Any help (or pointer to redirect the discussion) is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

Free software author.
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