How to manage application profiles with GSettings ?

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How to manage application profiles with GSettings ?

I have a little application with settings that are saved with GSettings
in the DConf backend. Now I want to be able to manage profiles, ie: a
list of different settings that users can save, choose, edit or delete.
I looked at some sources of well known applications in order to see how
it is done and it seems that everything is done with GSettings:

For example in gnome-terminal :

they define a SettingsList base schema :

<schema id="org.gnome.Terminal.SettingsList">
     <key name="list" type="as">
     <key name="default" type="s">

then a Profiles list schema:

<schema id="org.gnome.Terminal.ProfilesList"

then they define a terminal profile schema that describe all the
settings of a profile. Can someone explain me how does it work and if
there is another way to manage a list of profiles?


Cédric Le Moigne

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