Gtk3::FileChooserDialog and utf8

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Gtk3::FileChooserDialog and utf8

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Not for the first time, I am confused by a problem with utf8.

Checking with Devel::Peek, I see that paths returned by
Gtk3::FileChooserDialog are not marked as utf8, even those with special
characters such as รถ.

Is this a bug? Although I can't believe it, as it seems to play fine
with file test operations such as -w, -f, etc, unless if I first append
the path with a string operation, which then marks the string as utf8,
and seems to mangle it.

Indeed, the smallest patch for me which fixes the mangling is to mark
the filename as utf8 before appending it to it, and the unmark it

$filename = "$filename$extension";

But all of the documentation on utf8 in Perl says not to do that.

So what should I be doing when appending the extension?



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