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Gtk2::GladeXML - Tests!

Marco Antonio Manzo

Days ago I finished Gtk2::GladeXML::Simple, a wrapper to Gtk2::GladeXML
that allows Glade interfaces be coded in a easy and clean
object-oriented way.


   Gtk2::Glade::XML::Simple is a module that provides a clean and easy interface
   for Gnome/Gtk2 and Glade applications using an object-oriented syntax. You just
   make Gtk2::GladeXML::Simple your application's base class, have your C<new> call
   C<SUPER::new>, and the module will do the hard work for you.

   Gtk2::GladeXML::Simple offers:

      * Signal handlers callbacks as methods of your class.
      * Autoconnection of signal handlers.

      * Autoconnection of custom widget-creation functions.

      * Access to the widgets as instance attributes.

There are some examples in the tarball distribution, I hope you guys can
test it, comments are received.


Marco Antonio Manzo BaƱuelos
[hidden email]

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