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A big thanks to Jussi for helping a lot with porting! If you spot some breakage in your module, please file a bug. I'll do a bug fix release in a about a month then.

Plan for the next cycle is to move all generating code from xslt to python (mostly the devhelp2 file output). This will be faster and is a prerequisite to stop using xslt. Challenge will be that devhelp files not only have the symbol-index, but also the document structure (TOC) including handwritten content).


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Subject: gtk-doc 1.26
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 10:03:21 +0000 (UTC)
From: Stefan Sauer [hidden email]
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About gtk-doc

GTK-Doc is used to document C code. It is typically used to document
the public API of libraries, such as the GTK+ and GNOME libraries, but
it can also be used to document application code.


Remove tmpl support (gtkdoc-mktmpl). Port all tools from bash/perl to python.


 o 773879 :  –    scangobj: Do not generate unused parameters
 o 780789 : Convert gtkdoc-scan from Perl to Python
 o 752126 : Add support for inline program documentation
 o 753052 : _() causes element a: validity error : ID idx already defined
 o 758137 : GtkLabel and GtkShortcutsShortcut notes on escaping character entities don't render properly
 o 764407 : Broken links to structs in function definitions
 o 764543 : /usr/bin/gtkdoc-mkpdf always exits with an error
 o 768675 : make check fails on master
 o 769125 : gtkdoc-mkhtml/pdf fails on spaces in search path
 o 769341 : gtkdoc-mkdb line 3966 triggers " Negative repeat count does nothing " warnings
 o 771255 :  " Symbol name not found at the start of comment block " warning with " attributes " annotation.
 o 773151 : configure: Lower perl dependency to 5.16.0
 o 774168 : gobject introspection annotations and gtk-doc parser do not agree
 o 774812 : Error messages from xsltproc are hidden by gtkdoc-mkhtml
 o 778144 : Allow disabling introspection for ancillary property mechanisms
 o 779566 : Replace shell executables with Python


 Anders Jonsson
 Bernhard M. Wiedemann
 Carlos Garcia Campos
 Christian Kirbach
 Daniel Mustieles
 Emmanuele Bassi
 Ernestas Kulik
 Jussi Pakkanen
 Kalev Lember
 Marek Černocký
 Mario Blättermann
 Marius Vlad
 Marvin Schmidt
 Nirbheek Chauhan
 Philip Withnall
 Rafael Fontenelle
 Sam Thursfield
 Sebastian Rasmussen
 Simon Josefsson
 Stefan Sauer
 Thomas Wood
 Ting-Wei Lan
 Tom Tryfonidis
 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gtk-doc/1.26/gtk-doc-1.26.tar.xz (690K)
  sha256sum: bff3f44467b1d39775e94fad545f050faa7e8d68dc6a31aef5024ba3c2d7f2b7

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