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Find path under mouse

Daniel Kasak-4
Hi all.

Back in gtk+-2.x, I had some code that could find the path underneath
the mouse ( I was looking for double-click events in a treeview in
this case ):


    my ( $self, $treeview, $event ) = @_;

    if ( $event->type eq '2button-press' ) {

        # A double-click event

        if ( $event->window == $treeview->get_bin_window ) {

            my ( $path, $column, $cell_x, $cell_y ) =
                $treeview->get_path_at_pos ( $event->x, $event->y );


Now I'm doing something similar in gtk+-3.x. I've set up an event
handler for keypress events, and I'm successfully catching the CTRL-C
keypress event. But I don't see immediately how to get the path /
position under the mouse ...

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