DVD title and chapter information?

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DVD title and chapter information?

danny van elsen
hello all,

searching the archives for this type of question reveals that this  has
been asked several times, but never answered?

I just switched to the latest version of xine (lib + gui) myself, and
whereas before I had 'track' (chapter) information in the display, this
has now ... gone. It very briefly appears when switching to the next
track, but then is replaced again by the DVD name...

Is there perhaps a manual configuration option in the ~/.xine/config
file that I can add or adapt?

many greetings, and thanks for a wonderfull project!



From: Mengmeng Zhang <mengmeng@io...>.com>
DVD title and chapter information?
2005-12-15 17:19

I'm currently using xine-lib 1.1.1 with xine-ui 0.99.4. I seem to recall in
earlier versions of xine (a while ago), when OSD information was displayed for
a playing DVD, the title and chapter numbers were part of that display. Now
however, they're not. Is there a reason for this? Is there an option I'm not
seeing somewhere? It would be very nice to be able to have that information
easily accessible.

Thank you very much,


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