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CinePaint universal build issues

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as Robin said, he would like to look at gtk-osx, I just want to give some
infos about my last state for compiling CinePaint with this Gtk branch.

After the last talk on the CinePaint developers list I tried a Tiger
universal build with Gtk1 CinePaint v0.22-1. All deps where in place. Just
the CinePaint build did not run as expected on my G4 ppc test machine. For
intel I could not test.
Probably all is fine with building separately for ppc and intel.

I modified the G_ENDIAN style macros after configure, and exchanged
against runtime versions. In the same way I could change libtiff [1] to
open my test images properly. The other libs are probably not out of the
box osX universal binary ready.
Still the CinePaint build where not much useable. I could not draw.
The mouse position seems to be fixed. Even though the gradient,
selection and fill tools as well as colour selection and CMS worked.
Oh just fixed a Gtk1 bug in CinePaint CVS.
The outlined endianess gtk-osx changes are not included in my last patch


Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management +

PS: btw. gettext/libtool is always a pain to compile, uhh.

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