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Attention: created branch dev-php-doc.

Alexandre Pereira Bühler
Good morning php-gtk community.

Branch development of PHP-GTK3 documentation is dev-php-doc.
All development of PH-gtk3 documentation will be done in this branch.
Be careful when doing push. You should make sure to checkout the correct
branch dev-php-doc.
We will only do merge with the master branch when PHP-GTK3 documentation
is stable and functional.

We must decide:
1) If we continue with the current generator documentation, but updated.
2) If we should leave for phd and your web editor.
3) Or if we are to create a new documentation generator.
Please everyone who has Karma to php-gtk documentation help us decide.

Alexandre Pereira Bühler
Linux User: 397.546

Simão &  Bühler Ltda (Infobrindes)
[hidden email]
Telefone: (41) 3039-5428

Infobrindes (Simão &  Bühler Ltda)
Brindes e material promocional.
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Telefone: (41) 3082-8667

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