Adwaita Theme in GTK+3.22 update

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Adwaita Theme in GTK+3.22 update

Ruben Rodrigues
Hi guys,

I have tooltips in linecharts that don't works in gtk+3.14 version that
i had in my raspberry pi. But 3.14 version is the latest version in
raspberry apt-get repo, so i compiled gtk+3.22 by myself. Other problem
is that css provider is different from gnome documentation.

Now i see that the appearence of adwaita dark theme changed from 3.14 to
3.22 version. As you can see between 
and , the size of text and spinbuttons
changed and when clicked  we can't see previous values.

Other issue is that i need to run everytime export
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib to run my app with 3.22 version. After i
installed gtk+3.22 gtk demo gives me this error:


** (gtk3-demo:15107): CRITICAL **: Invalid property: on line 2

If you could help i appreciate.


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