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A custom widget

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I'm developing a custom widget for my private app in Gtk+-2.2.24. It has
the parent GtkBin, the custom widget let me put more things inside, then
show me it's done by drawing the icon for the added thing (stored in
GtkVBox for row, GtkHBox for icons). Every icon has 3 states, normal,
enter, clicked as 3 images.

The problem is when I moved the mouse pointer on any icon to draw the enter
state itself, then I clicked on it to start another thing, such as a
dialog, the motion-event-notify on the custom widget stopped after the
dialog had called. So I could not continue to set the states for the icon
by the event, the current state was the clicked state which I wanted it
must be normal, if the mouse pointer is not on the icon and enter if the
mouse pointer until was on the icon.

Thank you very much!
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