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2.0.1 GtkHTML not working

Gianluca Faieta
Hi all,

I've run into a problem trying to use GtkHTML from the 2.0.1
distribution of php-gtk for win32. I've read last year thread on this
topic so I decided to start from a "clean" base.

I installed WinXP from scratch and applied service pack 2. Then
downloaded php-gtk-2.0.1-win32-nts.zip and php-gtk-2.0.1-win32-
extensions.zip and merged their contents in C:\php-gtk2. Below is the
ini files I used:

extension_dir = "./ext"
extension = php_gtk2.dll
php-gtk.extensions = php_gtk_html2.dll
php-gtk.codepage = CP1250

Running "php -m" complained about a missing gtkhtml-3.0.dll. I copied
libgtkhtml-3.14-19.dll and renamed it. I installed the missing libraries
(orbit, etc.) from this package:

php -m then complained about a missing entry in gtkhtml-3.0.dll. So I
copied libgtkhtml-3.8-15.dll and renamed into gtkhtml-3.0.dll. This
solved the entry point problem but the following program hung,
giving a warning:
 Gdk-WARNING **: gdkselection-win32.c:1068: OpenClipboard failed:

$window = new GtkWindow();
$window->set_size_request(400, 250);
$window->connect_simple('destroy', array('Gtk','main_quit'));
$window->add($vbox = new GtkVBox());
$html = new GtkHTML();

I also tried running the test program with:
 gconfd-2.exe | php testhtml.php
but the result was the same.

Can somebody help me to get the right list of dependencies (dll and

As a last resort, I would try to rebuild php-gtk from sources. In that
case, has anybody a document (as detailed as possible) explaining how to
do it?

Thanks for any help.


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